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The Rubber Band delivers an authentic, polished classic rock sound.  The rhythm section comprised of  Jean Chiquette (bass) , and Colin (BAM BAM) Graham (drums) have been bringing music to people across Canada and the United States in various different iterations for over 33 years.  

With the introduction of Terry Shipp (lead vocals, and, guitar) a new life long friendship and musical relationship was born.  Terry is a passionate singer, songwriter and guitar player that rounds out this trio perfectly.

Suddenly this guy started showing up at our gigs!  He would bring his amp and was always welcome on our stage!  Our trio just recently became a 4 piece with the addition of our close and dear friend Rod Moysey!  We are excited to have him on board bringing a new element to an already accomplished band.  Welcome brother Rod!

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As The Rubber Band move towards the winter, we wanted everyone to know what a fantastic year we have had despite all the trials and tribulations life brings.  We look forward to a happy and healthy 2018 with all of you!  Thank you to our families, friends, and fans for supporting live music!.  The Rubber Band is now featuring the music of The Tragically Hip!

The Music


The music is always the most important aspect of our performance.  We take timeless classics and put our flavor into it.  We have a wide range of music ranging from Classic Rock, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Pop, and Country to cater to any venue.  Our music is easy to listen to and fun to watch.  We are professional entertainers with a silly band name!

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Rod Moysey Joins the Rubber Band!  We are pleased to announce That Rod Moysey has joined The Rubber Band as our new full time Lead Guitar player.  Rod brings with him years and year of playing experience and is one of the premier guitar players in these parts.  Truly an amazing player we are proud to have our long time friend on board for years to come!


This part of our larger Rock & Roll show and will not be performed nor is considered suitable or appropriate for small low volume venues.

We cater and customize our show specifically to your needs.


Jean Chiquette will perform an eclectic solo acoustic set of timeless classic music for your listening pleasure. While only a few songs this performance is geared towards small venue low volume clients who will appreciate the true diversity of this band.

Our Story


Quite frankly the band name makes us and others laugh.  We care about the music and the performance of that music.  Our goal is to entertain your audience.  The name we feel is funny and something you and your clients will remember for years to come.

There are a few other bands around the globe using this name too and for us it is all in fun.  

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