The Rubber Band, Featuring the Music of The Tragically Hip!

New Lead Guitar Player To Be Announced Soon!

Jean Chiquette - Vocals, Bass, & Guitar


Colin " Bamm Bamm" Graham - Drums


Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar


‚ÄčNew Lead Singer/Lead Guitar Player

To Be Announced Soon!

Jean was born and raised in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec.  He has a love for music that is unsurpassed and has turned bass playing into a true art form. Jean is force to be reckoned with when it comes to his performance abilities and he puts on a show of unprecedented skill.  Jean has always blended in well with others because of his working man motif that he proudly carries with him at all times.  Jean's humble demeanor lends well to his truly amazing stage performances.

Vocals, Lead Guitarist


Colin was born and raised in Calgary, AB and has been playing drums all his life.  At one time Colin was a Las Vegas show drummer and has had the opportunity to play all over North America.  Colin understands that entertaining the audience is first and foremost, and serves it up with thunderous performance every time.

Colin is only one of  only two musicians ever endorsed byCANWOOD Drums.

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