The Spot Pub & Grill

​4408 17th Avenue SE (West Entrance)

​Calgary, Alberta, T2A 0T6

2022 Schedule:

(All Dates are Friday & Sunday unless stated)

​March 11th & 13th

​April  8th & 10th

​May 27th & 29th

June 24th & 26th

​July TBA

​August  5th & 7th

​September 9th & 11th

October 14th & 16th

​November 18th & 20th

December 23rd

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​More Dates To Come !

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Courtesy of Peter Rutter Photography

The Rubber Band is BACK!  We are now accepting bookings for 2022 and beyond!  Call us today for your club, pub, night club or private event!  We are ready to bring you the high quality entertainment you have come to expect from The Rubber Band!

The Rubber Band Featuring the Music of The Tragically Hip!  


​​Peter Rutter Photography

About The Rubber Band

A Real Concert Experience!

Inspired by early Rock & Roll legends of the '60s, '70s, and '80s, The Rubber Band have put together a fantastic classic rock show unlike most others.  Their song list was carefully crafted with audience in mind, playing popular, easy to listen to, danceable, timeless classic rock that everyone knows and enjoys.  

When the music matters the most, The Rubber Band are true professionals and the right answer for your musical venue.  Whether it is a night club, corporate event, or a large outdoor festival The Rubber Band can cater to your musical needs.   CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US TODAY!

For Bookings Please Call, Text or Email

Colin Graham



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